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“Verbal MAP” is my blog where I share studio visits with fantastic artists, artist career words of wisdom and art discoveries and objects that keep my world happily spinning on its axis.

Let there be (Holiday) light(s)!

Having to play host to out-of-town relatives this Holiday season? In-laws descending on your door? Fear not! There are some cool lights shows for you and yours. (I admit that […]

Show Me the Money, please?

I had the recent fortune of contributing to an article on, “Financial Advice for Artists from Four Experts”. I traditionally find interviews as exciting as potentially nerve-racking, my having […]

Oh Boise (ID)!

Towards the end of last year, I gave a business of art lecture at Surel’s Place in Boise, ID, sponsored by the Idaho Arts Commission and American’s for the Arts’ […]

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