AMcE Creative Arts

AMcE Creative Arts (ACA) brick and mortar gallery space will open in June 2021. Stay tuned for a formal announcement (sign up for news here). The gallery will offer fine art exhibtions and cultural and community programming. ACA will also serve as ACA’s HQ for events consultations and production.  

About ACA Event Production Services:

ACA produces boutique and large-scale events for private groups and nonprofit agencies. Whether it’s a concert, artisan market, kids’ performance, cultural exhibition, or discovery platform for new talent, AMcE Creative Arts creates unique experiences that inspire and entertain. ACA’s Founder McLean Emenegger is known for spotting talent and bringing unique voices and acts to the stage. She has worked with numerous high-profile partners such as the Los Angeles-based public radio station KCRW, Fashion Mamas and LA Opera, and artisan groups including Fallen Fruit, Rogue Artists Ensemble and The Institute for Art and Olfaction. Performer partnerships include Phoebe BridgersThe New Bad Boys of Magic and humorist Charles Phoenix, among many others.

Offical website forthcoming. Reach out in the meantime! 

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