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McLean Art Projects (MAP) is a Los Angeles-based art consulting and advisory firm. MAP also provides visual artist practice development services for individuals and groups.

MAP’s lead A. McLean Emenegger has been an actively devoted member of the artistic community since 1997. In 2004, she established her Los Angeles-based art advisory firm McLean Fine Art, as well as launched her visual artist career support services. She rebranded her agency McLean Art Projects in 2016.

Founded on the pleasure of introducing people to their perfect artwork as well as championing visual artists to maximize their talent and potential, MAP brings together Ms. Emenegger’s most beloved vocational and personal passions.

Always keen to share her art world knowledge and relationships, her two-pronged approach to supporting art allows her to bring her dedication to the visual arts full circle.

More about A. McLean Emenegger here.

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